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Get real

Have you ever considered the importance of authenticity in your work on a personal level? We all know that we want to create a genuine experience for our customers or a "real" product and authentic approach in our business relationships but I want to give you something to think about on the next level. When you are developing relationships with your customers, your team, co-workers, or well anyone else in the whole world it is SO important that you present your true self. You know that when you sell anything you are really selling your self. When it is a product they are buying it because its great but because you come with it and they want to support who you are and what you believe in. When you are promoting or "selling" a spot on your team or a job opening within your organization you are attracting people to your opportunity based on a great position but also that they get to work beside someone who is like minded and driven in ways that they admire and want to be a part of what you are moving towards. This is why no matter what you are working towards and what relationship you are building it is dangerous to put on the face of who you think you should be or act as you think you should for the desired outcome. If you do that you will attract customers and team members to yourself that aren't interested in what you actually are but what you had decided to be to "close" the sale. When you are yourself and let your true intentions and beliefs shine in ALL areas of your daily life regardless of the outcome you will begin to attract those people to you that are moving in the same direction as you effortlessly and are very simple to work with because what you did to motivate them to a decision in the first place was natural to you. I know some of you will say this is common sense but I bet if you look hard at your practices you will find that you "turn it on" sometimes because you know what is acceptable and what will bring a desired outcome in that situation. I challenge you to spot those times and to decide to be more authentic as you build this week and see what a difference it will make. CAN YOU IMAGINE a world where everyone uses their energy to SHINE as their true and best self everyday giving everyone around them the permission to do the same thing? That my friends is true happiness and the kind of transparency and authenticity I can see transforming this world into a place of true freedom!